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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Slow Moving Low-pressure System Crossing the South Plains and Central Gulf Coast

From NOAA Satellite and Information Service:

This image, from the GOES-East satellite on March 8, 2016, shows a slow moving low-pressure system crossing the South Plains and central Gulf Coast. The storm is forecast to continue bringing severe thunderstorms, heavy rainfall and flooding to the region throughout the day today. According to the National Weather Service, rainfall amounts could exceed 10 inches over portions of the central Gulf Coast and lower Mississippi River which may lead to significant flooding.

This image was taken by the GOES-East satellite, nearly 22,240 miles from Earth's surface! Operating from two primary locations, the GOES-East and Goes-West geostationary satellites orbit above the Earth at speeds equal to Earth’s rotation, allowing them to maintain their position and provide continuous coverage of one location.

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