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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This Day in Fort Scott History

From Fort Scott National Historic Site, National Park Service:

This Day in Fort Scott History
April 26, 1858

"I have seen Gen Eldridge, and he informs me that he has in his possession 40 Halls Carbines which we can have by paying $30 dollars charges. If you have an opportunity to have them brought down I will stand to you responsible for the charges upon delivery of the guns to me.... Come right to my house - procure a guide from the Little Osage. Yours etc Wm R Griffith" At the height of the fight to determine the destiny of Kansas Territory, abolitionists like Griffith held steadfast to their cause. Griffith became the first Kansas State Superintendent of Public Instruction in 1861 before his untimely death in February 1862.

Photo of William Griffith

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